Why Do So Many People Struggle With Internet Marketing ?

Internet Marketers

Most people that try to make money with Internet Marketing fail.   Some people spend an awfully long time failing.   We have all heard the shiny object theory it seems to get a mention in every other sales pitch at some point these days.    It is perfectly true.  The Inbox can be a huge distraction full of offers that each sound better than the last.  Keep buying because learning is working.      "3 days and no money !  I better try something new. "  People succumb to this all the time.  

​Learning shouldn't be an excuse not to produce something. Don't count watching a webinar as working - that is being very soft on yourself

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It is , however,  just another of the reasons that people fail.   Procrastination is another reason commonly used for people not making money on line.  Again, absolutely true people mess about change their minds about whatever they are doing.  Revamp it , revamp again , not sure if I like it - oh better watch a webinar and make sure I have got this right etc etc  - Perhaps other people are doing this better than me -  What if people ask questions I can't answer ?  Maybe its not such a great idea after all .  Lack of confidence dovetails with procrastination to bring many a project to a grinding halt.  

Mark Twain

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” - Mark Twain

Although these reasons have definitely impacted my thinking and slowed me down I would think the reason for me not pushing on as much as I might is because I have a low bullshit threshold and even if a guru tells me that I should be making an outrageous claim I really can''t in all conscience do it.    I don't want to mail people stuff that I wouldn't even bother opening myself .  I want to be proud of what I offer and whatever I am doing has to be credible and have some value.   

​When I first started to grow my email list I got involved in ad swaps and it did grow my list but I couldn't stick with it because I found I was having to send emails that I really wouldn't want to receive myself.  I know hypey headlines and spammy emails work on some people but if somebody expects me to believe that they know how to earn $17000 over the weekend then I am always going to wonder why they are writing to me trying to get me to part with $5 instead of getting on with it.  

S Leacock

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”
S Leacock

I have said before, I am not a fan of loopholes etc - they are not businesses even if by some miracle they work for a while. They might be a short win if you are lucky.  I would rather encourage ​the people in my circle to think long term , build proper businesses involving planning and strategy using proper marketing tools.    

One piece of advice that I feel I can give to anyone wanting to make a living on the internet, or actually any business, is try to create an element of self building momentum. If you create a loophole type business you have to keep coming up with new ways to earn every day. If you can create something that gathers its own momentum then you don't have to work so hard every day​.  A bit like having a shop in a prime location you just have to open the doors for customers to come in.  If you can get something with recurring revenue even better.  Even if you are only selling as an affiliate you can get recurring revenues.  I have hosting and autoresponder banners in my page footer -   They both earn me recurring revenues if somebody signs up from my page.  Also I can recommend them with total confidence because I use them myself and know they are high quality and actually do what they claim to do.

So, in conclusion,  although I wholeheartedly agree that shiny object syndrome and procrastination are big factors.   I am also sure there are lots of people like me  who battle with there own conscience as to what is an acceptable level of bullshit. They find it hard to be hypey and  be true to themselves at the same time.   It is a battle with yourself rather than marketing that you need to win.  Take heart it can be done and you will get there. If you have a good product you don't need the hype ​anyway.