Use Outros To Retain Video Traffic

Internet Marketers

Marketers can be a bit blasé about their visitors.  Traffic is precious.  If you want to get your message across you really shouldn't let visitors escape without putting up a fight.  Just as a sales funnel should lead your visitor by the nose to where you want them to go with all the side doors firmly bolted then you can also direct your visitors at the end of your YouTube videos.  Don't let Youtube pick the next destination - finish your videos with an outro or end card that sends your visitors to where you wish them to go.  

Below is an outro I made recently ​as an example of what you can do easily using free tools to retain your video traffic.   If you want to learn more after watching the video you can click on the picture below for more information 

Below is a short 4 video course that will help you make your own outros - just click on the picture below.  The course is on Gumroad which has an unusual feature in that it gives you the option to either pay or not.  The choice is the buyers.  So this is free if you like or a nominal fee if you would rather pay a dollar or two. 

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