Next Generation List Building

Internet Marketers

In online marketing, everyone’s always going on and on about mailing lists. I swear, the most common quote I hear is some variation of “I wish I’d started building an email list sooner!”

And it’s no wonder. Having a mailing list is the key to a thriving business and it’s what enables the “internet marketing lifestyle” for almost everyone who actually lives that lifestyle.

The only problem is that to really build a powerful mailing list is complicated and expensive.

Or at least it was until this came along:

Thrive Leads

Here’s the thing: there are many tools and plugins you can use to add some opt-in forms to your website. Heck, you can just create a crappy looking form in your autoresponder and add that to your site. Use something like MailChimp and it’s 100% free, too. No need for any extra tools.

But have you tried doing that?

The results you get from this are pretty much zilch. It leaves you looking at your pitiful opt-in form that collects no leads and wondering why the pros are always raving about list building.

Well, the pros don’t do it like that, as I’m sure you guessed. What the pros do looks more like this:

1) You create an eye-catching, awesomely designed opt-in form.
2) You set the form up to show in the right places at the right time (for example as a popup whenever someone’s about to leave your website).
3) You create multiple versions of this form and run some A/B tests to boost your conversions.
4) Repeat the above steps until you have a massively growing mailing list and you can make moolah anytime, by sending out a simple email.

Of course, doing this didn’t used to be easy. But you’re in luck, because I’ve just found a WordPress plugin that has all of the best list-building strategies built right into it:

Thrive Leads

With this plugin, you can do what the pros do, but you don’t need any design skills, any technical skills or piles of cash to pay people to do things for you.

With the new plugin, the steps above look like this:

1) Select one of the amazing opt-in templates.
2) Make the opt-in form appear anywhere on your site with a few clicks.
3) Create multiple test versions in a few clicks and run a test that will automatically (!) select a winning variation and increase your conversions.
4) Repeat the above steps (which literally only takes minutes to do) until you’re raking in the moolah.

Check it out here:

Thrive Leads

This plugin is a game changer for anyone who will actually use it.