Internet Marketing Trends

Internet Marketers

There are a lot of bandwagons in Internet Marketing.   It seems to me that somebody comes up with a good idea, then it gets promoted so that everybody thinks its a good idea and it becomes an Internet Marketing craze  and gets everywhere. So many are saying its genius that you start to believe it.  Internet Marketing Trends can be overwelming and easy to be sucked into.

It reminds me of when the latest TV model comes out with incredible new features.  The price is ridiculously high to start with and over the course of a year you can get a better version much cheaper.   One trend this year was collation software that helped put websites together with articles from various sources and I know people who bought early products that were $2000 or more.  Six months later there is better software around thats free!

So I am reluctant to jump in early at the high price on any of these trendy type products because if it is any good it will be copied and cheaper within a few weeks.

I hate to think how many variations of meme creators have been launched in the last 3 months. I understand that it is software for idiots and that pretty much anyone can work out how to use it.  It is more difficult to come up with side splitting jokes that they are supposed to create  than to work out the technicalities.  Now you can get free versions of these too.

I quite enjoy trying to spot new trends, noticing the differences between the high ticket version and the hypey pretenders that follow and working out whether it is a product for selling or a product for using.    Many of them are just for selling and have no real useful purpose and I like to avoid those.