Content Upgrade For List Building

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Content Upgrade

Do you think people still land on a blog page then shuffle over to the sidebar and put their name in the opt in box and volunteer to go on a list?  I really think that stopped being effective sometime ago.  

What about squeeze pages that ​offer a vague promise of piles of cash, a slinky blonde and a better life ?   If you have spent much time in Internet Marketing then you have become immune to those too.  Of course if you get somebody to sign up based on things other than what your product offers they may be a total mismatch as far as being a prospect anyway.                                                                                                                               So if you do that why be surprised when nobody opens your emails ? 

So now that the things that we have been taught to do have proved to be ineffective where should we go now?

​Smart Marketers are employing a technique called 'Content Upgrade'  which is basically putting out an interesting and informative post with enough good content to capture the imagination of the reader and then locking part of the post so that the reader has to supply their email address to finish reading or to get the follow up information.

Content Upgrade results in a smaller list but greatly improves the quality of the prospects that are arriving on your list.  They have already decided they like your content and are interested in your subject matter when they sign up​.   Of course it does mean you have to provide some very engaging content in the first place for them to want to get more from you but this really is something you should do anyway.   

Obviously you will need ​a content lock of some description and there are plenty of WordPress plug ins that will help with that if you don't have anything already.

The big pluses are  that your opt-in rates are bigger because the reader has related to what you are saying ​and that every post you make can be an opt-in form if you want it to be. 

The downsize is it's more work but it is definitely worth it.    By more work I mean that you need ​write a great post and then have an incentive for somebody to give their email.  So, as an example, perhaps you have explained how to do something in the post and the incentive could be 'advanced techniques'  or perhaps a video tutorial of what you have explained in the post.   Obviously, the better and more relevant the incentive the more likely you are to add someone to your list.

So I hope the big takeaway from the post, for those who haven't realised yet, is that size isn't everything!  Getting people that are the most relevant to ​what you are doing on your list should be more of a target than boasting about list size.

She's Viral  -  6 Levels of Content Locking

She's Viral is a content locking plug in thats like the Swiss Army knife of content lockers.  It is able to lock content up to 6 levels on one post.   It can be employed for various reasons whether that be to grow your list or send a post viral.   To give something away or host a completion.  It's a dang clever piece of kit