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Finding Your Way

Internet Marketers

Theory is when you know everything and nothing seems to work.  Practice is when things are working but you don’t know why.  When you combine theory and practice nothing works and you don’t know why.

Finding your way in Internet Marketing is difficult. The statement above mirrors the confusion I felt for quite a while.  Trying all sorts of things with long periods of poor results then occasional inexplicable successes which felt like lottery wins. Most people enter Internet Marketing because they are sold on a lifestyle of freedom and cash.  I am no different. I still want to earn fortunes from my laptop under a Palm Tree whilst sipping a Mojito. When I started out the premise I found difficult to understand was that I could arrive in the IM space and immediately start teaching other people how to be an internet marketer.  Most internet marketers seem to want to teach other people to be internet marketers and most of the products seemed to be aimed at mimicking the success of the product owner. Now his only success seemed to be convincing people like me he was a success and getting paid for it.  I really struggled to get my head around this idea. Unfortunately many marketing sales pages consist more of selling the lifestyle than providing a product of value.  So an early lesson was to avoid products where there were beaches,blondes and fast cars because they don’t ever tell you what they are selling.  Those  products in the main are all mouth and trousers and are of very little substance. When you are new to this space it is easy to think everything sounds like a good idea.  Every sales page is selling the best thing since sliced bread and in no time you are getting emails with countless money-spinning , loopholes and game-changers. This is a huge distraction and those pages wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t tempt you to part with your hard earned cash. The temptation, when things aren’t working,  is to buy another course or wonder product and go in a different direction rather than persevering with the original plan.   Again, it is probably a mistake to keep changing direction.  I have countless abandoned websites that I am sure now were not bad ideas but I just gave up on them too early because I was on to the next great idea. I have also in quiet times spent time on webinars and watching videos persuading myself that I needed to learn more before I earned money.  Clearly, we can all learn more we just need to make sure it is not instead of being productive and earning money. Now another problem I found was that the more I knew how to do,  the more choices I had every morning, the more likely I was to disappear in a completely different direction from the previous day. So actually it makes it harder to do one thing well because you are competent at so many things. It is self distraction and it is probably my biggest downfall.  I still do it now. Every day your inbox brings the opportunity to learn something new and exciting but most are distractions that will move your goalposts or even make you forget you had goalposts. So I guess what I am trying to say to anybody that is starting out is pick a goal, be single minded and don’t get distracted.  If you can find someone on a similar path to share your experiences with and swap ideas then so much the better.  It will save you loads of time and heartache.

Be Original

Internet Marketers

‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.’
Mark Twain

I have heard it said by people far cleverer than me that the best way to find success is to find somebody who is successful and copy them.  I am sure that is sound advice in many ways.

However, on my marketing journey so far I have become involved in several group trainings where I have been learning from somebody that has supposedly found a successful formula and is teaching it to a group.   I have found that lots of people following the same formula at the same time in the same market isn’t ideal.

There are many things in this arena that don’t ring quite true. One thing that always puzzles me is why if somebody has found a ninja, google tricking, cash spewing, ATM loophole goldstrike  formula would they want to sell it to anybody for $17?

Now if you buy the product with an open mind and instead of focusing on the goldrush you have a look at what is going on around the product it may well end of teaching you something.  Inevitably with these types of products there are customer frustrations that you can pick up on, particularly if the product has a forum or a skype group attached. There you can find ideas for solutions based on the experience of your fellow members which you could possibly offer as your own product. In my case it was reassuring to find I wasn’t the only stupid person that couldn’t make the formula work.

I never rush to be first in group situations because I have been involved in projects where everybody rushes off doing the same thing.   Hundreds of people doing the same thing at the same time causes people to get banned or lose pages  and all sorts of bother.  This is where I try to compromise and put my own spin on the basic theory the group is following.    Try to find a way to be different to what the others are doing because I don’t think you have a chance of making it work if you do it exactly the same as hundreds of other people.  You are honestly more likely to get banned than earn your fortune.

If you are serious about your internet marketing you will be buying courses teaching you how to do things.  Many of these things will feel alien to you because of the way you react to them when you receive them yourself.  What do you in that situation ?  Trust the advice of the marketing expert or trust your reaction?  In my opinion your selling style should reflect your personality because as your business grows it will be because of your personality.

So, you don’t have to have a story about living in a car under the motorway and now living in a beachhouse in Malibu , you don’t need a long sales page with 25 testimonials , and please don’t sell ninja loopholes or plans to trick google.  Nobody builds a sustainable business on a gimmick, if it works its short term at best. What you need is a product thats useful and your own distinct personality so that people can get to know , like and trust you.   Then you have something to base an original business on.