Use Outros To Retain Video Traffic

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Marketers can be a bit blasé about their visitors.  Traffic is precious.  If you want to get your message across you really shouldn't let visitors escape without putting up a fight.  Just as a sales funnel should lead your visitor by the nose to where you want them to go with all the side doors firmly bolted then you can also direct your visitors at the end of your YouTube videos.  Don't let Youtube pick the next destination - finish your videos with an outro or end card that sends your visitors to where you wish them to go.  

Below is an outro I made recently ​as an example of what you can do easily using free tools to retain your video traffic.   If you want to learn more after watching the video you can click on the picture below for more information 

Below is a short 4 video course that will help you make your own outros - just click on the picture below.  The course is on Gumroad which has an unusual feature in that it gives you the option to either pay or not.  The choice is the buyers.  So this is free if you like or a nominal fee if you would rather pay a dollar or two. 

easy video traffic

Rapid Commission System Review

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The Rapid Commission System sounds a bit like your spammy typical internet marketing product from the title doesn't it ?    However it isn't  - we couldn't be more wrong.     

​It is a 12 over your shoulder video masterclass in how to organically increase your reach on your Facebook fan pages .    So if you have got disenchanted with fan pages because Facebook policy has been to try and make you pay to reach an audience of any size then this is the lifebelt your pages have been waiting for.     

If you have ghost town fan pages this is your chance to revive them and monetise them better while you are doing it.    

I know the frustration of posting links to pages that have 6000 likes and only getting 45 views or something ridiculous and I can completely understand why people decide to stop wasting their time trying to earn money from them when the cost of the facebook​ ad outweighs the return. 

This course that Lucas and Wah have put together will show how to get round all that and they show you their working model that generated over 15000 likes and $2600 in just 10 days -  This is not theory they actually show you in the videos ​          

To take a closer look go here    

Rapid Commission System

Why Do So Many People Struggle With Internet Marketing ?

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Most people that try to make money with Internet Marketing fail.   Some people spend an awfully long time failing.   We have all heard the shiny object theory it seems to get a mention in every other sales pitch at some point these days.    It is perfectly true.  The Inbox can be a huge distraction full of offers that each sound better than the last.  Keep buying because learning is working.      "3 days and no money !  I better try something new. "  People succumb to this all the time.  

​Learning shouldn't be an excuse not to produce something. Don't count watching a webinar as working - that is being very soft on yourself

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It is , however,  just another of the reasons that people fail.   Procrastination is another reason commonly used for people not making money on line.  Again, absolutely true people mess about change their minds about whatever they are doing.  Revamp it , revamp again , not sure if I like it - oh better watch a webinar and make sure I have got this right etc etc  - Perhaps other people are doing this better than me -  What if people ask questions I can't answer ?  Maybe its not such a great idea after all .  Lack of confidence dovetails with procrastination to bring many a project to a grinding halt.  

Mark Twain

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.” - Mark Twain

Although these reasons have definitely impacted my thinking and slowed me down I would think the reason for me not pushing on as much as I might is because I have a low bullshit threshold and even if a guru tells me that I should be making an outrageous claim I really can''t in all conscience do it.    I don't want to mail people stuff that I wouldn't even bother opening myself .  I want to be proud of what I offer and whatever I am doing has to be credible and have some value.   

​When I first started to grow my email list I got involved in ad swaps and it did grow my list but I couldn't stick with it because I found I was having to send emails that I really wouldn't want to receive myself.  I know hypey headlines and spammy emails work on some people but if somebody expects me to believe that they know how to earn $17000 over the weekend then I am always going to wonder why they are writing to me trying to get me to part with $5 instead of getting on with it.  

S Leacock

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”
S Leacock

I have said before, I am not a fan of loopholes etc - they are not businesses even if by some miracle they work for a while. They might be a short win if you are lucky.  I would rather encourage ​the people in my circle to think long term , build proper businesses involving planning and strategy using proper marketing tools.    

One piece of advice that I feel I can give to anyone wanting to make a living on the internet, or actually any business, is try to create an element of self building momentum. If you create a loophole type business you have to keep coming up with new ways to earn every day. If you can create something that gathers its own momentum then you don't have to work so hard every day​.  A bit like having a shop in a prime location you just have to open the doors for customers to come in.  If you can get something with recurring revenue even better.  Even if you are only selling as an affiliate you can get recurring revenues.  I have hosting and autoresponder banners in my page footer -   They both earn me recurring revenues if somebody signs up from my page.  Also I can recommend them with total confidence because I use them myself and know they are high quality and actually do what they claim to do.

So, in conclusion,  although I wholeheartedly agree that shiny object syndrome and procrastination are big factors.   I am also sure there are lots of people like me  who battle with there own conscience as to what is an acceptable level of bullshit. They find it hard to be hypey and  be true to themselves at the same time.   It is a battle with yourself rather than marketing that you need to win.  Take heart it can be done and you will get there. If you have a good product you don't need the hype ​anyway.

Content Upgrade For List Building

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Content Upgrade

Do you think people still land on a blog page then shuffle over to the sidebar and put their name in the opt in box and volunteer to go on a list?  I really think that stopped being effective sometime ago.  

What about squeeze pages that ​offer a vague promise of piles of cash, a slinky blonde and a better life ?   If you have spent much time in Internet Marketing then you have become immune to those too.  Of course if you get somebody to sign up based on things other than what your product offers they may be a total mismatch as far as being a prospect anyway.                                                                                                                               So if you do that why be surprised when nobody opens your emails ? 

So now that the things that we have been taught to do have proved to be ineffective where should we go now?

​Smart Marketers are employing a technique called 'Content Upgrade'  which is basically putting out an interesting and informative post with enough good content to capture the imagination of the reader and then locking part of the post so that the reader has to supply their email address to finish reading or to get the follow up information.

Content Upgrade results in a smaller list but greatly improves the quality of the prospects that are arriving on your list.  They have already decided they like your content and are interested in your subject matter when they sign up​.   Of course it does mean you have to provide some very engaging content in the first place for them to want to get more from you but this really is something you should do anyway.   

Obviously you will need ​a content lock of some description and there are plenty of WordPress plug ins that will help with that if you don't have anything already.

The big pluses are  that your opt-in rates are bigger because the reader has related to what you are saying ​and that every post you make can be an opt-in form if you want it to be. 

The downsize is it's more work but it is definitely worth it.    By more work I mean that you need ​write a great post and then have an incentive for somebody to give their email.  So, as an example, perhaps you have explained how to do something in the post and the incentive could be 'advanced techniques'  or perhaps a video tutorial of what you have explained in the post.   Obviously, the better and more relevant the incentive the more likely you are to add someone to your list.

So I hope the big takeaway from the post, for those who haven't realised yet, is that size isn't everything!  Getting people that are the most relevant to ​what you are doing on your list should be more of a target than boasting about list size.

She's Viral  -  6 Levels of Content Locking

She's Viral is a content locking plug in thats like the Swiss Army knife of content lockers.  It is able to lock content up to 6 levels on one post.   It can be employed for various reasons whether that be to grow your list or send a post viral.   To give something away or host a completion.  It's a dang clever piece of kit 

Next Generation List Building

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In online marketing, everyone’s always going on and on about mailing lists. I swear, the most common quote I hear is some variation of “I wish I’d started building an email list sooner!”

And it’s no wonder. Having a mailing list is the key to a thriving business and it’s what enables the “internet marketing lifestyle” for almost everyone who actually lives that lifestyle.

The only problem is that to really build a powerful mailing list is complicated and expensive.

Or at least it was until this came along:

Thrive Leads

Here’s the thing: there are many tools and plugins you can use to add some opt-in forms to your website. Heck, you can just create a crappy looking form in your autoresponder and add that to your site. Use something like MailChimp and it’s 100% free, too. No need for any extra tools.

But have you tried doing that?

The results you get from this are pretty much zilch. It leaves you looking at your pitiful opt-in form that collects no leads and wondering why the pros are always raving about list building.

Well, the pros don’t do it like that, as I’m sure you guessed. What the pros do looks more like this:

1) You create an eye-catching, awesomely designed opt-in form.
2) You set the form up to show in the right places at the right time (for example as a popup whenever someone’s about to leave your website).
3) You create multiple versions of this form and run some A/B tests to boost your conversions.
4) Repeat the above steps until you have a massively growing mailing list and you can make moolah anytime, by sending out a simple email.

Of course, doing this didn’t used to be easy. But you’re in luck, because I’ve just found a WordPress plugin that has all of the best list-building strategies built right into it:

Thrive Leads

With this plugin, you can do what the pros do, but you don’t need any design skills, any technical skills or piles of cash to pay people to do things for you.

With the new plugin, the steps above look like this:

1) Select one of the amazing opt-in templates.
2) Make the opt-in form appear anywhere on your site with a few clicks.
3) Create multiple test versions in a few clicks and run a test that will automatically (!) select a winning variation and increase your conversions.
4) Repeat the above steps (which literally only takes minutes to do) until you’re raking in the moolah.

Check it out here:

Thrive Leads

This plugin is a game changer for anyone who will actually use it.

Internet Marketing Trends

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There are a lot of bandwagons in Internet Marketing.   It seems to me that somebody comes up with a good idea, then it gets promoted so that everybody thinks its a good idea and it becomes an Internet Marketing craze  and gets everywhere. So many are saying its genius that you start to believe it.  Internet Marketing Trends can be overwelming and easy to be sucked into.

It reminds me of when the latest TV model comes out with incredible new features.  The price is ridiculously high to start with and over the course of a year you can get a better version much cheaper.   One trend this year was collation software that helped put websites together with articles from various sources and I know people who bought early products that were $2000 or more.  Six months later there is better software around thats free!

So I am reluctant to jump in early at the high price on any of these trendy type products because if it is any good it will be copied and cheaper within a few weeks.

I hate to think how many variations of meme creators have been launched in the last 3 months. I understand that it is software for idiots and that pretty much anyone can work out how to use it.  It is more difficult to come up with side splitting jokes that they are supposed to create  than to work out the technicalities.  Now you can get free versions of these too.

I quite enjoy trying to spot new trends, noticing the differences between the high ticket version and the hypey pretenders that follow and working out whether it is a product for selling or a product for using.    Many of them are just for selling and have no real useful purpose and I like to avoid those.

Finding Your Way

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Theory is when you know everything and nothing seems to work.  Practice is when things are working but you don’t know why.  When you combine theory and practice nothing works and you don’t know why.

Finding your way in Internet Marketing is difficult. The statement above mirrors the confusion I felt for quite a while.  Trying all sorts of things with long periods of poor results then occasional inexplicable successes which felt like lottery wins. Most people enter Internet Marketing because they are sold on a lifestyle of freedom and cash.  I am no different. I still want to earn fortunes from my laptop under a Palm Tree whilst sipping a Mojito. When I started out the premise I found difficult to understand was that I could arrive in the IM space and immediately start teaching other people how to be an internet marketer.  Most internet marketers seem to want to teach other people to be internet marketers and most of the products seemed to be aimed at mimicking the success of the product owner. Now his only success seemed to be convincing people like me he was a success and getting paid for it.  I really struggled to get my head around this idea. Unfortunately many marketing sales pages consist more of selling the lifestyle than providing a product of value.  So an early lesson was to avoid products where there were beaches,blondes and fast cars because they don’t ever tell you what they are selling.  Those  products in the main are all mouth and trousers and are of very little substance. When you are new to this space it is easy to think everything sounds like a good idea.  Every sales page is selling the best thing since sliced bread and in no time you are getting emails with countless money-spinning , loopholes and game-changers. This is a huge distraction and those pages wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t tempt you to part with your hard earned cash. The temptation, when things aren’t working,  is to buy another course or wonder product and go in a different direction rather than persevering with the original plan.   Again, it is probably a mistake to keep changing direction.  I have countless abandoned websites that I am sure now were not bad ideas but I just gave up on them too early because I was on to the next great idea. I have also in quiet times spent time on webinars and watching videos persuading myself that I needed to learn more before I earned money.  Clearly, we can all learn more we just need to make sure it is not instead of being productive and earning money. Now another problem I found was that the more I knew how to do,  the more choices I had every morning, the more likely I was to disappear in a completely different direction from the previous day. So actually it makes it harder to do one thing well because you are competent at so many things. It is self distraction and it is probably my biggest downfall.  I still do it now. Every day your inbox brings the opportunity to learn something new and exciting but most are distractions that will move your goalposts or even make you forget you had goalposts. So I guess what I am trying to say to anybody that is starting out is pick a goal, be single minded and don’t get distracted.  If you can find someone on a similar path to share your experiences with and swap ideas then so much the better.  It will save you loads of time and heartache.

Be Original

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‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.’
Mark Twain

I have heard it said by people far cleverer than me that the best way to find success is to find somebody who is successful and copy them.  I am sure that is sound advice in many ways.

However, on my marketing journey so far I have become involved in several group trainings where I have been learning from somebody that has supposedly found a successful formula and is teaching it to a group.   I have found that lots of people following the same formula at the same time in the same market isn’t ideal.

There are many things in this arena that don’t ring quite true. One thing that always puzzles me is why if somebody has found a ninja, google tricking, cash spewing, ATM loophole goldstrike  formula would they want to sell it to anybody for $17?

Now if you buy the product with an open mind and instead of focusing on the goldrush you have a look at what is going on around the product it may well end of teaching you something.  Inevitably with these types of products there are customer frustrations that you can pick up on, particularly if the product has a forum or a skype group attached. There you can find ideas for solutions based on the experience of your fellow members which you could possibly offer as your own product. In my case it was reassuring to find I wasn’t the only stupid person that couldn’t make the formula work.

I never rush to be first in group situations because I have been involved in projects where everybody rushes off doing the same thing.   Hundreds of people doing the same thing at the same time causes people to get banned or lose pages  and all sorts of bother.  This is where I try to compromise and put my own spin on the basic theory the group is following.    Try to find a way to be different to what the others are doing because I don’t think you have a chance of making it work if you do it exactly the same as hundreds of other people.  You are honestly more likely to get banned than earn your fortune.

If you are serious about your internet marketing you will be buying courses teaching you how to do things.  Many of these things will feel alien to you because of the way you react to them when you receive them yourself.  What do you in that situation ?  Trust the advice of the marketing expert or trust your reaction?  In my opinion your selling style should reflect your personality because as your business grows it will be because of your personality.

So, you don’t have to have a story about living in a car under the motorway and now living in a beachhouse in Malibu , you don’t need a long sales page with 25 testimonials , and please don’t sell ninja loopholes or plans to trick google.  Nobody builds a sustainable business on a gimmick, if it works its short term at best. What you need is a product thats useful and your own distinct personality so that people can get to know , like and trust you.   Then you have something to base an original business on.